The Quantum Clarity Reactivity Software Features

At the click of a button the Reactivity Report software extracts results from the SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 Test!

  • The Clarity Report is the first and only report *approved for print and issue to your clients!
    (*if used as advised and taught by The Quantum Academies)
  • Quantum Clarity and its products have the support of The Quantum Biofeedback Kft and Mandelay, Q.B.A.A. and the law firm of Swankin and Turner.
  • Includes a Quantum Clarity compliance course taught by The Quantum Academies (
  • Easy to use! Simply run your SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 test, when finished close to the desktop and double click the Quantum Clarity Reactivity Report Icon.
  • Produces a Professional Designed Empowering Report (now compliant certified)
  • Automatically saves the Data file from the SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 test when the report is used for future reference.
  • Automatically isolates and highlights Reactivity Values over 100 and under 50.
  • Automatically builds graphs to each categorical table.
  • Enables you to quicker assess the root reactant stressors needed for therapeutic direction and to guide and encourage lifestyle change.
  • The new 3.0 compliant certified version of the Clarity Report can now be given to a client.
  • Saves time searching the matrix to find specific reactivity.
  • Market the SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 to a more professional clientele such as ND's, MD's, Dentist's, Veterinarians.
Clarity Report

At the click of a button the Clarity Report Software extracts results from the SCIO/Eductor/Quest9 Test!

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Category Report

Essential tool for the professional practitioner. Cut your assessment time down from 2 hours to 5 minutes!

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Piggyback Report

Makes using the add to Piggyback function within your SCIO/Eductor/Quest9 time efficient and practical.

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