VScan HRV 2.0

$3,995.00 each

Whats new with the VScan HRV 2.0?

1. New Sleek Professional Design. (Sits flat on desk)
2. New Improved Medical grade lead connectors
3. New Compatible with Windows
4. New Usb-C connector (Android compatible, in anticipation of our app version expected mid 2022)
5. New Increased hardware testing resolution (more sensitive, able to detect more subtle variability measures)
6. New Sleek design portable carrying Case
7. New Software update  with an additional 21 regulatory references such as neurotransmitters, hormones, mineral regulation and more.

The new regulatory measures In the software are intended for the purpose of pre-market evaluation and study.
These new measurements  are never to be misrepresented as implication of any disease.
For the diagnosis of disease please contact a licensed physician.

Quantum Clarity Is Excited To Introduce:

The most advanced therapist grade HRV device available in the world today!

Have you ever asked yourself:
What effect are your sessions having on your clients?
Are your sessions moving your clients in the right direction?
Do you need to re-evaluate and alter the course of your work?
The VScan HRV will enable you and your clients to finally and objectively answer these questions and more.
VScan HRV is a necessary window into the wellness and vitality of your clients.  A five-minute test conducted before and after your session will illuminate the path to wellness like never before.  

“Verification and validation of the work we do is essential to the successful future of our complementary practices and modalities in the 21st Century.”

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Simply put, the Vscan HRV validates the work that you do!
VScan HRV added to your practice is your path to more repeat clients, providing them with greater understanding and belief in your services.
Incorporating HRV into your practice will help you:
-Gain insight into the specific needs and potentials of your clients.
-Discern therapeutic direction and strategies with confidence.
-Track, tailor and understand dynamic changes as a result of your sessions.
-Support your client’s education and active participation with a measurable and objective conversation.

AND….It’s Easy to use and navigate and requires almost no training!

No matter what device, tool or modality you are using/working with therapeutically with your clients, VScan HRV will invigorate your practice to new levels of experience, education, results and success.


What is HRV?
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heart beats. It is measured by the variation in the beat to beat intervals. We call this the time domain. A healthy heart rate variability is reflected by lots of variation in the time domain between successive heart beats. This would indicate a very robust autonomic nervous system. Someone with less variation between one heart beat to the next has low heart rate variability and indicates decreased autonomic nervous system regulation.

Why measure HRV?
The importance of Heart Rate Variability is that it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and therefore is a window into its function. The autonomic nervous system automatically influences the visceral organs, smooth muscle such as the blood vessels and glands and obviously a big influence on the heart. There are 2 branches to the autonomic nervous system, the Sympathetic nervous system and the Parasympathetic nervous system. The Sympathetic nervous system deals with stress situations and is sometimes referred to as the fight or flight system and is triggered by any stress such as conscious or unconscious psychoemotional stress, toxins and electromagnetic influences. The opposite is the Parasympathetic nervous system and is coined the rest and digest system.

Why VScan HRV?
The VScan HRV breaks down the measurement of time intervals between heart beats into very specific frequency bandwidths which correspond to the regulatory functions of the body.  As a result, in just 5 minutes the VScan HRV will display an accurate measure of:
-Cardio Vascular Adaptation
-Autonomic Nervous System Regulation
-Neuro-Hormonal Regulation
-Psycho Emotional Balance

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How do I incorporate the VScan HRV into my practice?
Measuring a client’s Heart Rate Variability before a therapeutic session establishes a “baseline” measure, aiding practitioners in better understanding the needs of their client and to tailor therapies according to those needs.  Proceeding therapy, a second measure by the VScan HRV allows both practitioner and client to observe and confirm the efficacy of the therapy delivered and received.

What’s involved in taking an HRV measurement with the Vscan HRV?
Simply plug the Vscan HRV into your computer and place the left and right wrist clamps to your client’s wrists.  Then open the Vscan Software on your computer, enter your client’s name and begin the reading, it’s that easy!

How much training is necessary to be able to use the Vscan confidently?
Almost none!  The Vscan HRV comes complete with software installation instructions and Quick Start Guide and you can be taking your first reading within 10 minutes of receiving your package in the mail!  A more detailed Training Manual and videos are also included to help you further interpret each panel, in total you can be fully trained within 2 hours!

The VScan HRV System is intended to be used for education and study of peak performance potential of ANS and CNS regulation.  The VScan HRV is not intended for the purpose or implication of any disease or condition.  For medical diagnosis, please see a licensed medical professional.

Introduction to HRV Video