Earth Ascension & Soul Alignment

$150.00 each

Almost 3 years ago, in September and October of 2019 I gave a lecture/presentation in Budapest and Las Vegas. The topic was transformation. In that lecture I alleged that we together would begin a global transformation beginning in February of 2020. A “Caterpillar to Butterfly” event. It sounds lovely however as I think we can all agree the stages of transformation, very similar to the stages of grief are less than comfortable. As the caterpillar builds its cocoon, it exhausts the energy of everything it’s ever known in faith and surrender to what it must become.  Welcome to the Chrysalis of humanity.  All of the fear, pain and discomfort can be and must be transformed into love and healing. That my dear friends is our mission and our charge. It’s why we are here!

This protocol-based class is about empowerment and alignment with the world WE choose rather than then the world “they present”. I, Adam am hereby finished with the fear and I’m over the grief! I believe reality is something we co-create with and through the loving support of divinity. I choose to focus my energy on creation and expansion of love, kindness and compassion. I choose! Please join me as we explore how to clean and clear away all of the yucky and toxic crap that has been brought to the surface through this profound experience and align ourselves with the beauty of metamorphosis. Time to power up!

April 14th from 1pm to 4pm PST
Price for this course is $150
Early Registration (before Feb 8th) is $100

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