The Category Report

$1,499.00 each
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The Category Report is an essential tool for the professional practitioner. Cut your assessment time down from 2hrs to 5 minutes with this highly advanced, yet easy to use Quantum Clarity gem! In seconds you will be able to assess categorized reports designed for the practitioner which will support you in discerning therapeutic direction. Track your client’s progress and watch them thrive with this amazing addition to your professional practice.

    •  Professionally assess your clients and better understand their wellness needs.
    •  Organizes and structures matrix data to better see root stressors.
    •  Increase your consultation capabilities.
    •  Automatically applies Adam’s filter method of assessment. 
    •  Auto - Searches over 70 different key words in seconds.
    •  Auto - Summarizes the amount of reactions, showing you where stress resides
    •  Auto – Implicates and summarizes the nature of the reactivity to its searches
    •  Auto- Refines the important matrix info and displays the pertinent reactivity
    •  Supports the general practitioner in a more professional approach to practice
    •  Efficiently supports the professional practitioner with the information needed to better incorporate the device into their practice

The Category Report is intended by the Manufacturer to only be used as an aid to support owner/operators in their process of discerning the direction of a biofeedback session. The Category report should never be printed, emailed, represented or presented to a client. To do so would violate the manufacturer’s intended use of the software.

Category Report Instructional Video


Download a sample of Category Report here


User Requirements
Must be a Certified Biofeedback Therapist

Software Requirements
Mandelay Clasp64

Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019