The Clarity Report

$999.00 each
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The Clarity Report Features

At the click of a button the Clarity Report Software extracts results from the SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 Test!

    •    The new 3.0 compliant certified version of the Clarity Report can now be given to a client.
    •    Includes a Quantum Clarity compliance course taught by the Quantum Academies (
    •    Easy to use! Simply run your SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 test, when finished close to the desktop and double click the Quantum Clarity Reactivity Report Icon.
    •    Produces a Professionally Designed Empowering Report!
    •    Automatically saves the data file from the SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 test when the report is used for future reference.
    •    Saves time searching the matrix to find specific reactivity.
    •    Market the SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUEST9 to a more professional clientele such as ND's, MD's, dentist and veterinarians.
    •    Automatically isolates and highlights reactivity values over 100 and under 50.
    •    Automatically builds graphs to each categorical table.
    •    Enables you to quickly assess the root reactant stressors needed for therapeutic direction and to guide and encourage lifestyle change.

The Clarity Report is intended by the Manufacturer to be used by a board certified biofeedback specialist as an education tool for both owner/operator and client. In order to print the Clarity Report for issue to a client, owner/operator is required to abide the guide lines set by the mandatory Quantum Academies compliance course. Breach of the guidelines set by Quantum Academies and or misrepresentation of the information contained within the Clarity Report violates the Manufacturer’s intended use.

Clarity Report Instruction Instructional Video


Download a sample of Clarity Report here